Studio Timetable

We are super excited to announce that we have moved from Chobham, 3 miles down the road to the village of St Johns.  We decided to step away from the busy High Street location to a more residential location where you are more likely to hear the distance tweeting of birds and humming of lawn mowers instead of the tooting horns and the rumbling of lorries.

Summer Holiday Timetable - August 2022


7:00am - Zoom - 30 minute Gentle Flow Pilates

9:30am - In Studio - Gentle Flow Pilates

7:30pm - In Studio - Mixed Ability Pilates 


10:00am - Poolside  - Gentle Flow Pilates - Chobham location (Private Garden)

5:30pm - In Studio - Gentle Flow Pilates

8:00pm - In Studio - Mixed Ability Pilates


7:00am - Zoom - Mixed ABility Pilates

9:30am - In Studio - Pilates Barre Body Conditioining 

6:30pm - In Studio - Pilates with Props 

8:00pm - In Studio - Pilates Barre Body Conditioning 


7:00am - Zoom - Foam Roller Pilates

5:45pm - In Studio - Yogalates


8:00am - In Studio - Pilates for Back Care 

9:15am - In Studio - Gentle Flow Pilates

Studio Timetable

Our Studio classes are limited to 4 people per class.  Mat spaces can either be booked individually via our online booking system Gymcatch or as a private group of 4 by emailing [email protected] 

As part of your studio booking you will receive one 30 minute zoom class each week which you can choose to follow LIVE or as a recording which remains available for 5 days. 

The great thing about these smaller classes of 4 is that we can tailor the class to suit your needs:

  • Initially before the first class we will discuss individual needs. Any illnesses or injuries.
  • What your goals are individually, so that your instructor can plan a class to meet everyones expectations
  • Plus you’ll have your weekly 30 minute zoom / recorded session to follow at home