Kate - 1:2:1 client

I moved to Woking from Scotland  in 2013 and immediately looked for a  Pilates teacher as I had done Pilates before.  I have several problems –  Parkinson’s, arthritis in my spine, a hip replacement, and an ongoing battle with Breast Cancer, and I need help to  combat daily stiffness and pain.  Rhian has really worked hard to find  routines to ameliorate my conditions.  They so help to keep me  mobile and let me continue to enjoy walking my dog.  Rhian has made such an  improvement to my quality of life.  She is the best Pilates teacher I have  encountered.



Steph 22yrs - Mixed Ability Pilates

I have been attending classes  for just over a year now. This is the first time that I’ve ever done any sort of fitness class so I was quite apprehensive of what to expect. After attending the first session I was so glad that I had joined. Rhian is professional, easy going and welcoming and makes all of her clients feel relaxed and stress free.


Susan - 1:2:1 client

As an older (64) woman, I stared Pilates to help me with my Parkinsons and my Osteoarthritis, she is brilliant, she leads you into each movement carefully. I sometimes find some moves difficult, but she helps and encourages me. I cannot recomend her classes enough, go along and feel better.


Christine - Mixed Ability Pilates

My daughter and I started Pilates with Rhian 9 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis.  We had never done Pilates before but Rhian  was very encouraging and took the time to explain each movement properly.  We both noticed an increase in our flexibility and core strength, I can now sit with my legs straight out in front of me for the first time since school.  My daughter has since flowen the nest but enjoy Rhians classes so much that I have continued with them and have made some lovely 'Pilates Friends' during the past 9 years coming to Rhians classes.  In recent years I have added Lous Restorative Yoga to my exercise regime and have found that ut has really helped me to manage stress as well as giving me tools to help me sleep.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Rhian & Lous classes.


Lizzy - Mixed Ability Pilates

I have done pilates on and off with many different teachers for over 10 years and Rhian is one of the best teachers I have found. Pilates helps me feel more in control of my body- stronger, and more resistant to life's stresses and strains. After experiencing lower back problems and 3 children in a row, Rhian's classes are also helping me get my figure back and strengthen up my lower back again. Thanks Rhian!




Kay 46yrs - Mixed Ability Pilates

My lifestyle is active but I’m no gym goer!  I started Pilates two years ago as a complete beginner and have thoroughly enjoyed every class.  The physical benefits are immense – I feel stronger, my posture is better and I have gained flexibility.  Rhian is extremely knowledgeable and helps everyone to work and progress at their own level.  The classes are friendly and small, they are certainly a workout but relaxing too and have become a very nice part of my week.  If you are going to do something – make it Pilates!